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iPhone X Screen Repair & Replacement - Look Here!

IPhone X canceled Apple's 10 year design of bottom home button, using double-sided glass and metal material in the frame design, the new OLED material is combined with 3D Touch function. And the lamination process of the iPhone X OLED display is also much more complicated than the previous iPhone LCD screen. In this article, we 'll introduce how to replace the iPhone screen by specific iPhone X screen repair tools in a professional way. • What iPhone X Screen Repair Tools Are Necessary? - Separating Machine - Glue Cleaning Machine - OCA&POL Laminating Machine - Glass Laminating Machine - Bubble Removing Tool - LCD Cutting Wire - LCM Cleaner - Easy Tear Sticker - Bezel Removing Machine - iPhone X LCD Repair Tools - iPhone X Bezel Replacement - How to replace iPhone X screen step by step? • How to Replace iPhone X Screen Step by Step? 1. First of all, we have to touch, 3D touch, display and swipe-up. 2. Put the iPhone X OLED Screen Assembly on iPhone Repair Preheating Station. Apply Pry Pick and glue cleaner to gently remove bezel. 3. Use cutter to remove bezel from screen. Be careful not to damage the flex cable area. 4. Test the screen again, every parts of touch, 3D touch, display and swipe-up is normal. 5. Put the iPhone X OLED Screen Assembly on the preheating machine. Separate the glass lens from OLED with Cutting Wire. Test again after separating, there is nothing abnormal. 6. The iPhone X screen glue you can be remove with hand tearing. 7. The iPhone X OCA rubber block is aligned with the mold to be embedded in the base. Then place the OCA rubber block in the corresponding position of the mold. Tear off the first layer of the three-layer OCA protective film and place OCA into the corresponding position of the OCA aligning mold. After that, the OCA is embedded into the base and applied pressure to match the OCA with the rubber block.Prepare a new iPhone X glass lens and put the new glass lens into the glass lens mold. Clean glass lenses first. Then the second layer of OCA protective film is torn off , the glass lens mold is embedded into the substrate.Put the whole mold into the laminator and press the "OCA lamination" button. The machine started to run. After the lamination is finished, remove and take out the glass lens. 8. Remove the OCA rubber block and aligning mold. Place the OLED assembly into the OLED mold. Place the OLED rubber block and embed the OLED mold into the base. Apply pressure to fit the OLED with the rubber block. Clean with alcohol or N-hexane first. Then place the OCA laminated glass lens into the glass lens mold. Tear off the third layer of the OCA protective film and embed the glass lens mold into the base. After that, place the whole mold into the laminating machine. Press “LCD laminating” button. Once laminating finished, detach the glass lens mold and take out the OLED screen. With bubbles inside, we need to continue with bubble removing process. 9. Put the screen into Screen Bubble Removing Machine. 10. Prepare a new iPhone X border. B7000 glue is evenly applied on the side of the frame and on the back of the screen. Then press them together for 10 minutes. 11. Restall the iPhone X screen to test, everything goes well now! Tips: More professional tutorials about cell phone repair, please ask VIP Pro Shop Team for help!


Solution for Wanna Be Capable at Your Phone Repair Work

Handwork experience matters in the phone repair work for a technician. Veteran person will always can handle a butcher's cleaver skillful. In the meanwhile, The "CPU facilitate their device," this ancient saying here, get a new interpretation. Vip pro team recommend you to get the professional phone repairing tools and devices, which will make you work more efficient. Please see the post carefully, and find which kinds of phone repair tools are highly recommended. 1. Hot Air Gun Rework Station Phone Repair Heating Platform Features: 1.Any seal glue, glue heating for electronic 2.LED aluminum plate welding,repair. 3.Mold core preheating for Mold factory 4.BGA repair plant tin solder, especially suitable for large size BGA welding YH898D 2 In 1 Soldering Station Features: Specified voltage: available in 220V / 110V optional Consumption: 270W Type of pump: Membranous Air flow: 0.3- 24L/min. Adjustable Pump power:45 W Heater:250W metal Hot air temp. 100°c – 420°c Specifications of soldering iron: Power: 60W Output voltage:24V/AC Temp. Range: 200°c --480°c Bulk: 187mm * 135mm * 245mm Quick 850A+ Antistatic SMD Rework Station Features: Temperature and air flow can be adjusted to suit the task you are doing Blows away heat automatically after you switch of the power, so that it extends the life of the heater and handle No touch PCB point soldering method, to prevent the SMD component from shifting or blowing away 2. Ultra Thin Blade Knife Features: 16 in 1 / 10 IN 1 Scraping Knife High carbon steel blade, durable. High precision cutting of all kinds of cell phone models ariety of high quality blades to meet all your crafting needs, it can also used for cutting, carving, repairing. 3. BGA Reballing Stencil Features: 1. For both 80mm and 90mm stencils 2. No need use wrench to adjust the height, just use finger up and down 3. Suitable for rectangle chips (picture below), and very small chip, such as 4*4mm 4. High precision for adjusting the chip, magnet inside, auto fix, more fast and convenient 4. PCB Holder Features: When you install your circuit board to the holder, it is better to install one side and then another side You can place the PCB holder in your table when you are removing the big IC. Three pieces bayonet can be move, you can choose the position to holder your circuit board 5. High Precision Tweezers Features of high precision tweezers Titanium alloy, high toughness, and durability, hardly deformed. High magnetic, rust and corrosion resistance. Special designed anti-skid grooving, facilitate operating. Tips: If you need more high-quality mobile repair tools, you can choose the without hesitation. There is everything you need for mobile phone repair equipment and tools.


Best Schematic Diagram Dongle for iPhone Android Repair?

We all know that the phone motherboard maintenance is a skill that must be mastered by the cell phone repair technician. It requires some professional cell phone repair tools, and the schematic diagrams are also essential. For example: WUXINJI Dongle, FeiYing Dongle, ZXW dongle and others, In this article, VIP Pro Shop Team will introduce some major cell phone PCB repair dongle for professional technician, You can learn more about these diagrams in the following article. There are 4 kinds of schematic diagram software for cell phone logic board repair as your reference: 1. WUXINJI Dongle WUXINJI network technology Co., Ltd. was built in 2016. It has been built by more than 100 front-line cell phone maintenance experts all over the country, and has achieved remarkable achievements in the cell phone repair industry. It will surely create more brilliant achievements. WUXINJI Dongle offers a lot of informations including Bitmap, schematic diagram, motherboard circuit board diagram and phone PCB circuit diagram for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, XiaoMi, etc. It also supports new cell phone model updates. What information does WUXINJI software include? iPhone and iPad Components Schematics Diagrams, IC Parts Datasheets etc.... (From iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6P, 6S, 6SP, 7, 7P, 8, 8P, X) iPhone (access DWG), iPad (access DWG), FingerPrint Key(access DWG), Screw Hole (access DWG), Samsung (access DWG),Xiaomi (access DWG) iPhone (MainBoard Colored Diagram), iPad (MainBoard Colored Diagram), iPhone Circuit Board with no chip (MainBoard Colored Diagram), iPad 3G version to wifi version (MainBoard Colored Diagram), Samsung (MainBoard Colored Diagram), Disassembling Screw Holes (MainBoard Colored Diagram), iPhone Full series of CPU High-Definition Picture (MainBoard Colored Diagram), iPhone Series (Layered DWG) 2. FeiYing Dongle Original brand new FeiYing dongle, which including Yidiantong, schematic diagrams and main faceplate diagrams, FeiYing dongle supply phone repair service for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, iPad, also detect the related circuit, voltage and resistance of components, It also offers tutorials to watch. It is powerful phone repair assistant, support online real-time data synchronization update. 3. Zillion X Work ZXW Dongle ZXW dongle is an old brand provider for cell phone repair diagrams, Original Zillion X Work ZXW dongle can be available for professional cell phone logic board repairing like iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Samsung, HTC... ZXW software will continue to update with the fastest time for the latest cell phone models. Due to the motherboard in the manufacturing process will continue to improve, there may be minor changes in diagrams, but the basic principles is never changed. For security reasons, ZXW Dongle requires users to use this software with network connected computer. 4. Easy Draw Schematic Diagram Easy Draw Schematic Diagram is for iPhone, iPad and Anroid cell phone circuit board repair, instead of using USB dongle, Easy Drwa platform offers online bitmap and Schematic diagram for iPhone, iPad, xiaomi, Gionee, Oppo, Samsung, Huawei, VIVO, Mito, Meizu, etc. It is the first diagram in the world without using dongle, you can register and use the Easy Draw software immediately. No need USB Dongle, enter the online account and password will offer almost all cell phone Bitmap, motherboard schematic diagram, it focus on iPhone iPad and Samsung. Tips: More details for iPhone, iPad, and Anroid cell phone logic board repair, contact our VIP Pro Shop Team by


Best Way to Repair Your Water Damaged Phone

Nowadays, phone has become an essential multifunction tool for almost everyone in the past decades, which invite a hefty dose of inevitable things in our daily life, troublesome included, of course. It is true, phone, on many levels, seem like has to go through many problems just like water damaged in our life in terms of convinence, size and storage space. Then, what should we do after dropping water, we all have a reason to worry about it. However, repairing a water damaged phone is as easy as ABC. Anyone can DIY repair it rather than send it to repair shop the first time around. This post will step-by-step to tell you the process on how to repair and fix wet water damaged mobile phone. The same steps apply for all brands of mobile phone including – Samsung, China Mobile Phones, Motorola, Alcatel, LG, Panasonic, Huawei, ZTE, Spice, Lava, HTC, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Micromax, iPhone and so on. The following is the step-by-step guide: One: Switch OFF the mobile phone and Remove the back cover and the battery. Two: Using a precision screwdriver, disassemble the mobile phone. This is very easy. Just remove all the screws and keeps them in a safe place. Make sure to remember the order in which you disassemble the mobile phone. This will be useful when you assemble it back. Three: If there is water in the display then you will also have to disassemble and remove the display. Four: Using a hot air blower, carefully dry out the PCB board of the Mobile Phone and all other wet parts. You can also keep the disassembled mobile phone in sunlight and let it dry naturally. Five: Using an ESD-Safe brush and IPA solution or spirit, clean the circuit carefully. This prevents corrosion on the PCB. Six: Now assemble back the mobile phone carefully. Everthing is done, we may call it a day. After you try all the steps as we mentioned above, at this time, your phone must be workable, if still not, just charge it and re-open again. But if it still cannot work, you need to send it to repair shop. There is one point you need to attend to, please don't forget to choose a professional phone repair tool, contact our


Best Soldering Station Reviews 2018 – How to Choose ?

In the telexafsing tool xafs, even the most professional repairman, it is almost impossible to know all welding stations. The xafs is changing every time, Soldering Station has become the most popular equipment in the mobile phone repair industry, What is the lowest price and best quality Soldering Station? Today, we will list our latest welding workbench, as well as the most commonly used welding tools, which can quickly heat and provide an effective method for welding repair work. The directly problem is what temp should we set our hot air gun for high efficient repair work, especially for the newbies. If you want to know more about this, just following our today's tourial. If you ever think about it, we belive you will grow up an excellent phone repair guy. Usually the melting temperature of lead-free solder is roughly 220ºC, so you can definitely need to set the temp at least that much. And we have a tips that the temp of the hot air gun is usually a lot lower the further the tip is away from the component. With these words, we will share our product together with the pic and suitable temp. Recommended 1: QUICK 861DW QUICK 861DW is famous as his fast heat up, which can work on phone motherboard precisely. For the most repair guy choosing, the temp will be 475ºC, you don't need to worry about the voltage, only you can use the normal power, it can support the temp adjustiing. Following the detail SPEC: Power: 1000W Voltage: AC 110V/220V Temperature range: 100 °C ~ 500 °C Air volume ratio range: 1 to 120 Maximum air flow: 120L / min Dimensions: 188 (L) × 245 (D) × 135 (H) mm Recommended 2: 1000W PPD 861D Plus It has the similar name with the PPD 861D Plus, honestly ,it is the latest soldeirng staion which cheaper than PPD 861D Plus, of course, it has the totally same function with it, fast heating, three chanel, large power and so on. Following the detail SPEC: Power: 1000W Voltage: AC 220V / 110V Temperature range: 100 °C ~ 500 °C Air volume ratio range: 1 to 120 Maximum air flow: 120L / min Dimensions: 188 (L) × 245 (D) × 135 (H) mm Recommended 3: PPD 120E Mini PPD120E Desoldering Rework Station for iphone A8 A9 CPU CHIP, iphone A8 A9 Remove Welding Platform, PPD120E A8 A9 CPU unsolder tool. PPD120E iPhone motherboard professional tool for A8 A9 CPU Desoldering Rework Station, PPD120E iphone 6 6S A8 A9 CPU unsolder tool / Desoldering Rework Station. unsolder the A8 A9 CPU from iphone motherboard, don't need the hot Air Rework station, working on 230℃, it is the Desoldering Rework Station tool for unsolder iphone A8 A9 CPU. Setting parameters (Temperature): 1:take apart screen cover 180°C-220°C 2:CPU edge glue 180°C-220°C 3:take off A8 A9 CPU 230°C-240°C 4:desmearing 180°C-200°C 5:reball BGA chip 180°C-200°C 6:soldering A8 A9 CPU 190°C-210°C Recommended 4: PPD 120SL WL PPD120SL 3-IN-1 A8 A9 CPU desoldering Station and hot air rework station. 3 kinds function: unsolder iphone A8 A9 CPU + a hot air gun + a soldering iron station. PPD also has grown up an famous brand among the soldering station xafs. The latest PPD 120SL is a perfect soldering staion for newer, it includes hot air gun and soldering iron, which can solve the phone motherboard problem efficiently. Same time, this product has its own special advantage, it will need you set different temp according to the different operation, following the details: 1:take apart screen cover 180°C-220°C 2:CPU edge glue 180°C-220°C 3:take off A8 A9 CPU 230°C-240°C 4:desmearing 180°C-200°C 5:reball BGA chip 180°C-200°C 6:soldering A8 A9 CPU 190°C-210°C Both of them will be a nice tool for the phone soldering work. Though many peopel has chosen QUICK 861DW, but as of the high price, not each one can accept, for now, you have optionals. No matter what phone repair work you want to start, motherboard? CPU? BGA Chip repair? you will get a good help hands. Note: The most suitable temp will help you solve you the problem faster and precisely, same time it also can ensure the safe while repairing. High temp always along with the high risk, but if we can decline the possibility of risk. More information about iPhone repair tools and guides, you can choose


My iPhone 7 Plus Is Not Charging - How to Fix?

Many people reflect such a situation, iPhone 7 Plus charging problem is always not get a good solution, such as the iPhone 7 P won't charge, can't connect to PC, the iPhone 7P can be recharged after turn off while it can't be charged after turn on, it leaks when iPhone 7P is on standby, less iPhone battery percentage when it in charging, stuck on white Apple logo, etc. All of these charging issues, today, VIP Pro Shop Team will share some practical solutions for free. What is the best way to solve iPhone 7 Plus charging? This is a topic that everyone is concerned about. Many people are troubled by this failure. Don't worry, everything will be okay. In this article, you will learn how to solve the Phone 7 Plus Charging problem and make your phone better run. If the iPhone 7 Plus has charging issues, such as the iPhone 7P won't charge, can't connect to PC, the iPhone 7P can be recharged after turn off while it can't be charged after turn on, it leaks when iPhone 7P is on standby, less iPhone battery percentage when it in charging, stuck on white Apple logo, etc. All of these charging issues, you need to check the iPhone 7 Plus charging part. Check iPhone schematic diagram on WUXINJI Dongle, 5V charge voltage PP5V0_USB sent by the tail-plug interface,one circuit is sent to iPhone charge IC, one circuit is sent to iPhone USB control IC. The repair method is as follows. Disassemble the iPhone 7 Plus with phone disassemble kits, remove the iPhone motherboard. Measure the 5.0V voltage (PP5V0_USB) next to the iPhone charging IC with Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter to check whether it exists. If not, then you need to replace the new iPhone tail plug flex cable. If yes, continue to check. Measure the 5.0V voltage (PP5V0_USB) next to the iPhone USB control IC with multimeter to check whether it exists. If not, then you need to use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to solder the jump wire from 5.0V voltage (PP5V0_USB) next to the iPhone charging IC to 5.0V voltage (PP5V0_USB) next to the iPhone USB control IC. If 5V is exist, then you need to replace the iPhone USB control IC and iPhone charge IC. Tips: Need any professional cell phone repair skills or phone repair tools, please contact for help!


DIY Fix iPhone Microphone Unavailable(No Sound) - LOOK HERE!

When you're on the phone calls, FaceTime calls, or other voice calls with other people, they can't hear your sound on the other side, the iPhone microphone is unavailable. If the iPhone microphone not working, people can't hear you, Siri failed detect voice, your sound you hear is unclear or no sound at all, it will seriously affect your life. Are you helpless? Please don't be upset, you can get simple tips to DIY fix iPhone microphone failure here. If it is caused by software trouble, you can try to fix it by yourself. If it is caused by hardware trouble (water or drop damage), you may need send it to Apple care or phone repair shop, because it need professional phone repair tools and phone repair skill. In this article, we will share some simple tips for solving the problem caused by software failures. Tips 1: Test iPhone microphone When you notice something wrong with your iPhone microphone,you need to test it first. There are three microphones on your iPhone, one is receiver/front microphone, one is rear microphone, and one is bottom microphone. To test the iPhone bottom microphone, open Voice Memos and tap the record icon, and then speak to the microphone and click on the play icon to play the recording. Normally, the sound should be clear. To test the iPhone receiver/front and rear microphones, please shoot two short videos, one uses a front camera and one uses a rear camera, and then play it. Normally, the sound in the video is clear. Tips 2: Clean iPhone microphone If a foreign object is plugged into the microphone, it will not work properly. We can use the Superfine Dustless Cotton Swab to clean the microphone grill at the bottom of your iPhone and the small black dot microphone to the right of the rear-facing camera. During the cleanup process, please control the force and keep the soft motion to avoid damaging the iPhone parts. Tips 3: Remove any external accessories Unplug any accessory plugged into the headset jack. Avoid blocking the microphone and iSight microphone with your finger while you are holding the device or recording the video. Remove screen protectors, films, or cases that cover the microphone, iSight mic, or iPhone receiver. Tips 4: Restart iPhone In order to restart iPhone X, please press and hold the Side button and either volume button until the slider appears, drag the slider to turn your iPhone X completely off, after your iPhone X turns off, press and hold the Side button again until you see the Apple logo. In order to restart iPhone 8 and older, please press and hold the Top (or Side) button until the slider appears, drag the slider to turn your device completely off, after the device turns off, press and hold the Top (or Side) button again until you see the Apple logo on iPhone display screen. Tips 5: Update IOS If IOS update is available, there are two ways you can update the iPhone IOS. One is you can update IOS on the iPhone. Please go to Settings-> General-> Software Update. In this way, please make sure the iPhone battery power is more than 50%, and there is available WIFI network. The other one is connect the iPhone to computer with iPhone lightning cable, and then use iTunes to update it. In this way, you need to make sure the iTunes is latest version. Tips 6: DFU restore iPhone DFU restore iPhone will erase all data on iPhone, so you need to back up the iPhone before you restore it. In order to restore iPhone, please connect your iPhone to computer with iPhone lightning cable, open the iTunes (latest version) on PC, and then use iTunes to restore it. After you try all of above steps, but the iPhone microphone still not working, then you can send it to Apple care or iPhone repair shop to repair or


IPad Air2 Blurred Screen and Reboot Failure Repair

Some users have reflected such problems, their iPad Air 2 often appear blurred screen, or suddenly restart, resulting in failure to enter the system, how to quickly fix these problems, today VIP Pro Shop Team will share some practical solution. the screen is blurred, it suddenly reboot and fails to enter into system. Connect the iPad 2 on computer and reflash by iTunes, it reports error 4013, we judge the problem comes from flash memory. Use corresponding iPad opening toolkit to disssaemble the iPad Air2 and take off the motherboard, then put the motherboard on iPad PCB test fixture for the next repair operation. It is found the iPad NAND chip was repaired before, so we remove the Nand chip and reflash again, the error code is reported again. So we are going to directly repair flash memory. After the flash memory is installed, it's normal when reflashing again, invalid SN is reported. If the invalid SN is reported, it basically means flash memory has no problem, install the iPad Air2 NAND chip and turn it on directly. Generally, blurred screen and reboot is caused by the flash memory problem, if you encounter the similar problems in the future, directly repair flash memory. This NAND chip was repaired before, so we estimate the flash memory is false welded when blowing with hot air gun. In the past, the customers who had iPad Air 2 NAND flash memory expansion said that it did not take long to encounter new problem. So you need to be very careful on iPad Air2. The NAND flash is very close to CPU flash , the last repairman was prying from the inside when expanding NAND flash memory, we usually cut the shield from the outside and pry from the outside, this will be more safe. Repair ends here! Tips: To sum up, all these steps require some auxiliary tools. If you do not have these tools may lead to repair failure, it is recommended to go to to buy, where the quality of mobile phone repair tools and equipment is reliable, the most important point is the price Cheap, if you like my article, welcome to comment!


Professional Phone repair HDMI camera Microscope - LOOK HERE!

If you are the professional phone repair guy, then you must know the importance of Stereo Zoom Microscope for cell phone repairing, no matter for iPhone or Android phone. Now, commonly used in the xafs has VGA camera and HDMI camera two kinds. What's the difference between then? The full name of VGA is video graphics array, a picture is composed of a collection of dots called pixels. The full name of HDMI is high definition multimedia interface. On a computer desktop, a digital signal (HDMI) will usually look a little crisper than VGA. Here, we are going to share a professional HDMI camera stereo zoom microscope for cell phone repairing. 3X-90X Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with 14MP HDMI Camera, it is professional microscope for repairing iPhone logic board or other cell phone motherboard. With the help of this microscope, you can make it easier to observe, weld, sculpt the cell phone. Now it has two versions, one is double arm boom stand, and the other one is extension-type arm boom stand. 1. 3.5X-90X Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with Double Arm Boom Stand, you still can match 14MP HDMI camera,2.0X and 0.5X Objective Len and 144pcs LED Light. 2. 3.5X-90X Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with extension-type Arm Boom Stand, you can also match 14MP HDMI camera, 44 Ring Light LED, 0.5x and 2.0x Objective lens. Its working distance is 30MM and 165MM. Microscope Features: 1. 3.5X-90X Extremely Large Zoom Magnification Power 2. Trinocular Design for High Quality Photo, USB PC and CCD Video Imaging 3. Erect Stereo Sharp Images over a SUPER Wide field of View 4. Accurate Alignment Ensuring Fatigue-Free Long Time Viewing 5. Both Ocular-Tubes with Adjustable Diopter 6. Adjustable Interpupillary Distance 7. Full Optical Glass Elements 8. Precise Ground Glass Lenses 9. Versatile Boom Stand Covering Large Working Area ... Microscope Specifications: 1. Head: 45 inclined 360 swiveling trinocular simul-focuse head 2. Eyepiece: 30mm super wide field high-eyepoint WF10X/20mm 3. Objective: 0.35-9.0X 4. Auxiliary objective (option): SZM 0.5X & SZM 2.0X 5. Zoom Range: 6.4:1 6. Diopter Adjustment: 5dp 7. Interpupillary Distance: 2-3/16" - 2-15/16"(55-75mm) 8. Field of View: 2-1/2" (65mm) in diameter 9. Working Distance: 4" (100mm) 10. Boom Stand: 20" double-arm (overall length: 30"), 17" high pillar, 10-1/4"x8-1/4"x2-0" solid cast steel base HDMI Camera Specification: 1. Model: Camera with HDMI USB2.0 two output 2. Image format: jpg 3. Image resolution: 4320*3240 for TF card. 4. Video format: AVI 5. USB Video resolution: 1280 *720 30FPS 6. White Balance: Auto 7. Light: Auto 8. Negative: Support 9. Mirror: Left/right, Up/Down 10. Freeze: Support 11. OSD: English/Chinese 12. Line: different color, 4 horizontal line, 4 vertical line, any positions. Tips: Need any professional cell phone repair skills or phone repair tools, please contact for help!


Repair iPhone 6S volume up button unavailable

Do you have such troubles as well, iPhone 6S volume buttons are not available, most iPhone 6S users expressed dissatisfaction with this issue, they encountered a variety of iPhone 6S volume up button unavailable, such as listening to music, or mobile navigation And so on, when you want to increase the music, the button does not have any effect. Today VIP Pro Shop Team will show you how to quickly solve this problem. We received an iPhone 6S, the fault described is that the iPhone 6S volume up button unavailable. We need to repair it. Put iPhone 6S on the WL Aluminum Alloy Pad, and then use phone opening tools to disassemble the iPhone, take out the iPhone motherboard. Measure the resistance of J4700_3# with Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter, it is normal. Put iPhone motherboard under the 3.5X-90X Stereo Zoom Microscope to check, we found the iPhone power IC was replaced by other phone repair man. Measure its voltage, it only has 0.5V, and the voltage of BUTTON_VOL_UP_CONN_L volume up button signal is pulled down. Based on our repair experience, mostly this failure is caused by damaged iPhone CPU, so replace the iPhone power IC is useless. BUTTON_VOL_UP_L lower voltage, it has no external pull resistance, it is pulled directly through the CPU internal. Borrow PP3V0_TRISTARUSB controller 3V string the resistance of 1K, so that the voltage is pulled up to 1.6V. Assemble the iPhone to test; now the iPhone volume up button can be used normally. Tips: Need any professional cell phone repair skills or phone repair tools, please contact for help!

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